If you have a thing about fan​tasy, a love of the supernatural, and an appreciation for wry humor, then step inside my library and enjoy one of my books.   I'm John Yeo Jr., and I've been writing novels and dabbling in graphic novels for several years now.    MAROON is my latest comic book, and THE INFINITE LEAGUE is my most recent novel. They'd make great additions to your collection, so feel free to peek at a few pages.   Thanks for stopping by my site!

My most recent novel:



Emily Watts is a single mother, former police officer, and not a fan of costumed super-heroes.  But when she's involved in the accidental death of Andromeda, the world's most famous heroine, the government gives her a choice.  She can impersonate the fallen hero, or go to jail and never see her child again.

Emily is about to discover that the death and cover-up of Andromeda is only the beginning of a conspiracy surrounding the shiny illusion of the world's most popular team of heroes, the Infinite League.

298 Pages

If you love fantasy, adventure and super-heroes, I know you'll love this wild adventure.    Click ADD TO CART  and you'll receive a signed copy.     $14.99

INFINITE LEAGUE is also available directly

from AMAZON as a physical or an eBook. 

$14.99 (Book)     $6.99  (eBook)

Now Available:  MAROON #1  


Jackie Chardello has never been an angel.  She's lived a selfish life of sin, hedonism and bad choices.  But everyone deserves a second chance.

The good news: she's been given the title of Lady Maroon, and has been given access to wild magic to help her with her journey to redeem all the sins of her past.  The bad news: she doesn't know what the hell she's doing.   And if she doesn't balance her life before her enemies manage to kill her, a demon will consume her soul and walk the Earth!

The first issue of this series will be debuting on Kickstarter in late August.  It's written  by John Yeo Jr, with artwork by Beth Varni.  

(Drop Point, The Tainted)

Supernatural fantasy / full color / 32 Pages

Contains brief nudity, language and violence

$4.99 -  Physical Book    


Right now, I'm developing the novel THE BARREN DAGGER,  which is a supernatural fantasy about an angel and a devil who have no business being in a romantic relationship with each other.  But Heaven help them both, they are.     Here's a brief excerpt from one of the first chapters.

Cauldon Scrye barely recognized the face staring back in the mirror this morning. Everything had changed so much since he left home, even if his physical appearance had not. He still had wavy blonde locks falling over his eyes, and his eyes were still icy blue. His nose was long and thin, his lips were full, and his chin was strong. People seemed to be instantly at ease in his presence, and found comfort in his voice. He looked the same as he always had, yet he felt immeasurably different.

It was the choices he had made, he would tell himself. They were dangerous, risky and foolish choices, but they were the right ones. It went against everything he was taught from the day he first opened his eyes, but it was still the right choice.

If he ever went home again, he hoped his family would understand that.

But for now, feeling like a stranger within his own skin, he stood in front of the bathroom mirror of his brand new home and tried to recognize the man in the mirror.

It was when he was alone that he most questioned his choices in the last couple of months. He had abandoned his duties and ran away from his home, something that would haunt him for the rest of existence. But because of his actions, people wouldn’t die.

Well, that wasn’t exactly true. People die, they all die eventually. But they’ll die one at a time, for various reasons, as they were meant to. Not slowly, yet all at once, as what might have happened had he not made the choices that he had made.

He decided to stop thinking about it. He had left his home, his old job, his old friends and family, and there really wasn’t any way going back. He was stuck here now, making him home in a rental house at the edge of Chandler, Arizona.

It wasn’t paradise, but at least they wouldn’t find him here.


THE BARREN DAGGER is scheduled for release in Fall 2019.   Hope you'll join me for the launch party!   Please visit here often for more excerpts from this tale of love, redemption, and consequences.


Recent reviews that I'm proud of!


This book pretty much has it all for fantasy readers; goblins, centaurs, humans, sentient trees, trolls, sorcery, swords, Japanese martial arts weapons, sex, violence, love, honor and intrigue. And even more than that. A very well realized story, I really enjoyed it

- Mike


This book was amazing! In this age of computers, tablets, and smart phones I have found myself reading much less than I used to. However, this book Hooked me from page one. From the snarky dialogue to the constant action there was no way I was going to put it down. John Yeo's books are always great but he outdid himself with this one. I finished it in 13 hours. I could see this being a movie very easily. Excellent work!
- Tammy Martin


Overall, it was a great read I really loved reading it. Anything that can go wrong does. The selfish machinations of a narcissistic woman screw up the lives of so many people but the ending is an action filled and intense.

- Hannah Pilar

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