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She's the world's greatest super-hero.  And if you don't ​

believe her, she may never see her son again.


Emily Watts had always wanted to be a police officer, just like her father.  For her, the police are the real heroes of the world.  Not those people that fly above her head every day, flaunting their special abilities and making ordinary people feel so inconsequential.

When Emily is involved in the accidental death of one of the world's greatest and most beloved heroines, she finds herself in serious trouble.  The government gives her an opportunity to avoid prison, but it would mean lying to the entire world.  It also means she'd become what she detests the most.

Emily Watts is about to go on a journey that will change her world forever.  But she's going to discover that the cover-up of Andromeda's death was only the beginning of a dark conspiracy hiding behind the shiny illusion of the Infinite League.

Sci-fi / super-hero adventure

$15.00  -  288 Pages -  Contains language and violence

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ISBN-13: 978-1-938888-18-2

The winner of the King's Tournament is getting a fortune in gold.  The losers were never warned what THEY were getting.

Ever since the King's wife and daughter were murdered by goblins, Windcastle had become a less enchanted place to live.  Elves, centaurs, fairies and all other nonhuman denizens had been exiled, and the strength of the military have become the sole priority of the crown.

Hope for peace shines when the King announces a grand tournament to celebrate the end of hostilities with neighboring countries.  Eight contenders will be randomly chosen to participate.  Nobles, aristocrats, peasants, non-humans, lunatics and murderers are all welcome to volunteer.  The winner will be granted a fortune in gold, a royal pardon for all past crimes, and a seat on the royal court.  Naturally, this attracts the greedy, the desperate, and the lost.

But there is a hidden agenda to this tournament, manipulated by the very evil that destroyed the King's family.  A rogue, a gorgon, a lusty centaur woman, a barbarian, a deformed lunatic, a professional henchman, a disgraced aristocrat, and a beautiful slave girl will have to survive traps, surprises and each other to solve this mystery before an entire kingdom is incinerated.   And they only have three days to do it.

Medieval Fantasy adventure

$15.00  -  257 Pages -  Contains language, violence and sexual situations

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ISBN-13: 978-1515043959

Tassina D'Emerald wants to settle an old grudge.  All she needs is the trust of a young girl, and a prayer to avoid the devil.

Once upon a time, there lived two friends.  Simone Suaveterre, the blind, elderly and kind owner of a unique antique store in Peoria---and the beautiful but vain

Tassina D'Emerald, an artist from New Orleans.  But something unpleasant happened to them in 1976, and they haven't spoken since.

With a little black magic and an unwitting young girl, Tassina plans to resolve their secret grudge once and for all.  No matter what the cost.

But standing in the way of her agenda is a recently deceased occultist, a college professor, a greedy mob boss, a kooky blonde hippie, ghosts, mages, vampires, angels...and a very angry demon who isn't at all happy with what's going on.

Welcome to the Curiosity Shoppe, where nearly anything can be found, bought or sold.  Just make sure you read the fine print first!

Urban supernatural thriller

$15.00  -  277 Pages -  Contains mild language, violence and sexual sitautions

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and get a signed  copy!
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