The Adventurers have arrived to save the world.  But a dark secret may dismantle the team before they even get started.​


For the first time ever, John collects his popular small press super-hero saga from the 1990s in trade paperback format! Nine young men and women from Southern Illinois are given amazing powers to stop an alien dictator from taking over the planet. But is it really that simple? Is their mentor keeping an even darker secret from them? Who is Sol Terminus, and why is he really coming to Earth? The world will never be the same after these heroes reveal themselves! Action-packed, gripping, and occasionally very funny, this first book collects the first five issues of the ADVENTURERS series.

Super-hero   /   B & W   /   132 pages

Contains mild language and violence

$12.00  - Physical Book                          

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The Adventurers are world heroes.  But new enemies are waiting to capitalize on the powers of our unsuspecting champions.

Following the battle with Sol Terminus, the heroes begin to recover from the loss of their mentor (and their innocence) and their friend Jeff—-while dealing with the legalities of operating as super-heroes. At the same time, the team is dealing with an attack from Arsenic, Armada and Onyx….they’ve been hired to bring back some DNA of the heroes to a criminal mastermind, by any means necessary! This trade paperback also features five other short stories, written and illustrated by a host of other artists! Jason DeGroot, Pedro LaBoy, Gabriel Rosswell, Robert James Hack and Troy Britt all contribute to this slick collection! The half-human children of alien refugees emerge as young adults in Chicago with amazing super-powers. Determined to make the world a better place for humanity, they battle injustice as THE ADVENTURERS.

Super-hero   /   B & W  /   110 Pages

Contains mild language and violence

$9.00 - Physical Book                             


No one enters the abyss and returns unscathed...

Just as things are starting to come together, everything falls apart. The heroes are off to New York City to confront a cult of demon worshippers intending to start an early apocalypse, and they’re planning to use one of the heroes as a vessel to contain the spirit of their demonic master. It’s the third and final explosive story in the ADVENTURERS saga. The half-human children of alien refugees emerge as young adults in Chicago with amazing super-powers. Determined to make the world a better place for humanity, they battle injustice as THE ADVENTURERS.

Super-hero   /  B & W  /  130 Pags

Contains mild language, violence and partial nudity

$9.00  -  Physical Book                       

SADIE McSNATCH #1 (of 2)

The world's most clueless prostitute is about to change the world's worst bounty hunter.

In the first of a two-part mini-series, we meet a young hooker from Gary, Indiana named Sadie McSnatch.   She's a sweet girl and a loyal friend, but she comes to the realization that being a street walker isn't a great way to make a living.  After a chance conversation with a bail bondsman, she decides to try her hand at becoming a bounty hunter.   Will our sunny (and occasionally topless) heroine succeed, or is she about to get totally in over her blonde head?  

Action/Comedy / Full Color / 32 Pages  

Contains nudity, language and sexual themes

$4.50 - Physical Book      


The first time, she got lucky.  This time, she's going to need all the luck in the world to come home alive.

Flush with confidence from her first successful collar, Sadie targets a businessman who's been passing off bad checks.   Problem #1 - He's actually been doing a lot of other bad things.  Problem #2 - A ruthless bounty hunter is also gunning for him.   Problem #3 - This bounty hunter has confused Sadie for a dangerous assassin.   She's gonna need all the luck in the world.

Action/Comedy  /  Full Color   /  32 Pages

Contains nudity, language, sexual themes and violence

$4.50 - Physical Book                         


Open the doorway to unconventional beauty...

70 sizzling pin-ups (some black & white, some in color) compiled from nearly twenty years of sketches, doodles, commissions and  cover art.  Find out what visitors to have known for quite some time.   John has made a hobby of celebrating unconventional beauties.  With this big book of artwork, short essays

and observations, he invites you to see what he finds truly beautiful.

Pin-Up Artwork / full color & B/W  /  74 Pages

Contains nudity, language and sexual themes

$14.99  - Physical Book