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August 4, 2017

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August 25, 2017

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Confessions of a lousy website designer

June 23, 2017

     Got a confession.  I've been using Angelfire for nearly twenty years now.





That's right.   That Angelfire.  The MySpace of webpage designers.   It's lasted longer than GeoCities, and is incredible still being maintained (barely) by parent company Lycos.   In all it's blinky, flashy, clunky HTML glory.


The site I've been using has changed purposes, domain names and directions a few times in those twenty years, but it's always been hosted at the same basic engine.


When it started in 1999, it was the official website for THE ASYLUM.   That was a sketch comedy television series I produced for public access television in Peoria.  It only lasted four episodes, so don't go looking for a prestige DVD release just yet.


In 2001, the site was transformed into the official website for SCREAMING MONKEY COMICS; the finest comic book store Crown Point, Indiana has ever known!   It kept my customers informed about new products, activities and upcoming releases.  


When we closed the store in 2008, I re-directed the site to promote comic books and graphic novels that I was writing and illustrating.   


By 2011, it was re-branded as WWW.YEONIVERSE.COM as my official author's website, and that's what it's been doing since.  Even by then, most of the world had abandoned Angelfire for more modern website designers.   But the business of raising a little one, working a full time job and writing new books had me continuously shoving the work of finding a new website to the back burners. 


But for those of you following me, I'm happy to announce that WWW.YEONIVERSE.COM now has an official home the WIX website program.


* It's a lot slicker looking, without any dancing banana .GIFs.

* The PAYPAL buttons to let you purchase a book are actually working!

* It works on mobile devices as well, something the old one never actually did.

* It has it's own BLOG manager, so I won't be using this site anymore for blogs.  All future blogs can be seen directly on my new website.

*  It's super easy to send me e-mails and messages now.



I'm embarrassed that I hadn't gone to this new website sooner, because it's super easy...and the site just looks a lot prettier to boot.    But I just wanted to explain why I haven't been blogging lately.

I've been focused on getting this new website off the ground, as well as promoting the upcoming release of INFINITE LEAGUE. 


So please, bookmark WWW.YEONIVERSE.COM, visit me often, ask me questions, and thanks for all of your support!


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