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Calling all Indy Comic Book Artists!!

I've always been a supporter for independent comic book creators. Part of it is because I happen to dabble a bit in comics, and part of it is because I know just how difficult and challenging it can be to get people to discover you.

But I do get it. I've been there. And to tell you the truth, I don't think there's enough comic review sites out there. But I have a website, I have a small following, and I have a blog. And I love reading comics in my spare time. So here's what's gonna be happening.

I'm inviting independent comic creators (and professionals in need of more publicity) to send me their new books. I'm not kidding, send 'em over to me. I'll give it an honest review, and I'll put it up here on my weekly blog.

I'm doing this for four reasons.

1. Indy artists need all the support you can get. I think the world is greatly improved when people are filling it with creative endeavors. If I can help keep the muses happy, I'll know I've done something useful.

2. It brings more people to MY website. As a novelist and comic book creator myself, that's always a good thing.

3. Between the novels and the comics that I'm developing, I don't have much time to write as many blog articles as I'd like to. This will give me something to write about.

4. I like getting free shit.

So if you want me to review your book, hop over to the brand new REVIEWS link at the top of my website. You'll find out all the information you need, and how to get your book into my hands.

I'm a brutally honest reviewer. When I choose a comic, I'm looking for artwork, strength of storytelling, and entertainment value. If I think you're phoning it in on any of those values, I'm gonna say so. Those ominous words of warning aside, I'm also known for finding something positive and nice about everything I read. I'm not here to hurt someone's feelings, but I'll try to tell readers who might enjoy this type of book....and how you might improve it. Or maybe it's freaking perfect, and I'll say that, too.

So if you need some free publicity, go to the REVIEWS link and fill out the form. Who knows. You might just end up being the creator of my new favorite book.

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