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You win some, you lose some....

Hello everyone! First and foremost, I should apologize to anyone that cares about how I've neglected my blog spot. I've spent most of my free time since May developing, writing and illustrating the MAROON comic book series that I've stopped adding content to this page. I'll try to do better in 2019, but it's actually the subject of MAROON that brings me here.

John here, and I just wanted to offer some news about MAROON #2, my newest comic book that I’d been running on Kickstarter. I’m here to let everyone know about a decision I made over the weekend, so bear with me for just a moment.

For those of you with busy lives and zero patience for lengthy explanations, then I’ll just say up front that the campaign for MAROON #2 has been officially cancelled. If you’ve supported this book already, obviously you will not be charged – and I really appreciate you backing it.

If you want to know the real reason for me pulling the curtain on this project, feel free to read on…

Last May, I hired the talented Beth Varni to handle the artistic chores on MAROON. I invested a nice chunk into the art, because MAROON was always intended to be sold to a major publisher and it would need a great artist to have any hope of being picked up. My hope was that it would be such a success on Kickstarter that I could afford to pay her to work on a second issue while waiting to see if any publishers would give us a green light.

As you all probably know by now, the campaign for the first issue closed at around $800. I recouped some of my investment, but not what I needed to justify paying for another 25 pages for MAROON #2. I took a loss, and I’d just be tossing more cash into the artistic abyss.

And as far as publishers went – I couldn’t land a contract for MAROON, although I came closer with this project than anything I’ve ever done before in the comic industry. A few publishers did express interest in seeing the entire first issue, but they all ultimately passed on the project. It could because I don’t have a huge fan following in the comic industry, and it could because those publishers had similar projects already in the pipeline. Those are the sorts of nagging details they don’t tell you when they send along a friendly rejection letter.

So the next (and most risk-free) step would be to tackle the second issue using my own humble art talents. I figured that if people really liked the story, they’ll stick around for the next chapter.

We’re about ten days into the project. When the first chapter was ten days into the project, it had achieved its goal. This time, using my art as a showcase, we’ve barely reached 15% of the goal.

Perhaps readers weren’t actually blown away with the story, but I think the real issue is that most people didn’t want to continue on with a totally different artist. And I get it, I’ve dropped comic series for the exact same reason.

In either event, I did some soul searching over the weekend. This experience has been a subtle reminder why I had hired an outside artist in the first place. I’m a talented writer, but I knew my artwork didn’t hold up to professional standards. And the numbers I’m getting right now are suggesting that MAROON would fail in the marketplace if it were using my artwork for the rest of the series.

So…..that’s basically it. It’s a business decision. Rather than pour more money into it, the best thing for me to do is to do some overtime at my day job and recover my lost savings, and return to writing novels.

So I’d like to thank everyone who backed not only MAROON, but also last year’s SADIE McSNATCH mini-series. I’d always wanted to work in the comic book field, but I’ve had more success with novels, and I think that, for now, that’s where I’m going to return.

While working on MAROON, I’ve put my BARREN DAGGER novel on the backburner. I’ll be concentrating on that now, and I invite you to occasionally visit my website at www.yeoniverse.com for updates on new novels. And if you really did like Maroon, try not to worry too much. A few of my novels actually started their life as a potential comic book projects, and I foresee the same future for MAROON. As a matter of fact, Jackie herself is a supporting character in BARREN DAGGER….and I have a strong suspicion I’ll be adapting what would have been the entire MAROON series into my next novel as well.

I swung for the fence on this one, and I am so proud of how MAROON #1 turned out. Her story is too cool to throw away, and she will be back. But for now, I believe I’ll be spending more time enchanting you with my words than with my pictures.

Thanks for all your support, and I hope you’ll check out THE BARREN DAGGER when it makes its debut this fall. Have a great day!

- John

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